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Mariana Plascencia United States

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About me



I dunno....


Mostly everything. Prefer Three Days Grace and MCR!

Movies and TV:

Mostly action and/or mythological movies.
TV.... Well I hardly watch TV, but when I do, I watch Criminal Minds, C.S.I Miami, C.S.I, C.S.I New York, and South Park. (what I watch the most)


I like soccer. I hope during the summer, I can learn how to fence!


I love ART! I love it so much that I'm planning on becoming an artist! Well not an artist, but a manga artist to be exact! But I'll still make art! A manga artist, if you don't know, is a cartoonist, like a Japanese comic.


Weird thing(s):
Whenever I stare at water (water that moves like oceans), I can stare at it for hours, even days without feeling bored! Same thing with fire..... Pretty strange and lame, but w.t.f.c?

Free Time:
write songs, scripts, stories!


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Peace by Death!